Modular Houses

BildEco Chill-out

BildEco Chill-out is a factory-made modular house that is transported to your plot in one piece.

The building has an area of less than 20 m2. This means that building this house does not require a permit from the local government. Restrictions on the use of beach or shore must be taken into account.

There is a steam room, a washroom with toilet, a lounge and sleeping pads for 4 people.
The building can be connected to a sewerage and electricity network. Since cottage plots often do not have the capability to connect to networks, it can also be used as an OFF-GRID house.
On the wall of the building it is possible to install solar panels that give power for lighting, refrigerator and other electronics.
Under the shelter behind the building, it is possible to install a rainwater collection tank where the water will warm up in the sun. At the same time, this shelter is ideal for keeping firewood, or you can install a composting toilet if there is no sewer.

If you want a comfortable and functional summer cottage, but don’t want to spend the whole summer by building or project managing then this modular sauna is a great alternative and probably also cheaper.

Additional information
The building’s supporting structures:are made of cross-laminated timber (CLT), which gives the building strength and stiffness, while still remaining within the building’s interior finish. The building is insulated with PUR foam, which ensures good heat and air tightness by insulating it even as a thin layer.
It is possible to install:an electric stove or wood burning stove. With wood burning stove heating takes place from the front room. The stove is equipped with a glass door which adds coziness and warms the room. We will make you a personal offer!
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